Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What age groups do you work with?

Answer: All ages.  Texas Team Junior Golf At-School After school teaches ages 5-13.  For those students that would like to compete on the golf course we suggest joining our Junior Team Golf for ages 9+ in the summer and ages 8-13 during the school year.  Before age 5 we suggest setting up a time for a private lesson from our PGA Professional Wendi Wiese.  Beyond age 13 we suggest a personalized coaching program with Coach Wendi Wiese or our P54 Elite Training.   We provide year round training programs.

Question: What skills will my child learn?

Answer:  Students learn the fundamentals of golf that are necessary in the development of any golfer.  We incorporate simple cues to teach: stance, grip, posture, alignment, putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, the language of golf, parts of the golf course, rules and etiquette.  Beyond golf, each lesson also focuses on a life skill.  We promote sportsmanship and foster good character by Teaching, Enforcing, Advocating and Modeling the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. 

Question: My child has played golf before.  Will Texas Team Junior Golf classes enhance their current skills?

Answer:  Texas Team introduces concepts and fundamentals that are beneficial to all children, regardless of their current skill level.   With our 5 level program we are sure to find the right challenge for your child.   If they have played golf before, it’s even more reason to have them sign up for a class.

Question: What is the inclement weather policy?

Answer: In the event of inclement weather, Texas Team will still have class rain or shine.    We use a gym or inside space for class durning inclement weather.   We have many inside lesson plans and activities such as putting, rules of golf and etiquette.

Question:  Why do kids like to participate in sports?

Answer:  Research will defend that the number one reason for both girls and boys is to have FUN.  Kids have fun playing sports when they can interact with their friends. Texas Team's programming provides a safe learning environment in which numerous players can be instructed at once, creating a positive social climate that resembles more of a team sport atmosphere versus an individual.

Question:  Why do kids stop participating in sport?

Answer:  Children are more likely to quit playing if they have low perceptions of their competence.  The Texas Team Coaching System has been modified to fit the needs of new learners but still contains the aspects in traditional golf. These modifications to equipment and games provide opportunities for any new learner to find initial success, and more likely to be coming back for more!

Question:  What is All Sports Training?  

Answer:  Motor Skill Acquisition 

  • All Sports Training is the best way for new learners, especially children, to acquire motor skills necessary in performing certain tasks.   Grounded in fundamentals, children are taught to play.  All Sports Training helps children develop confidence in their bodies and develop sport skills.  

Question:  How can I get the equipment and training aids you use in class?

  • As a preferred customer of Golf Around the World I am authorized to offer my students a 10% discount that you won't get going directly to their site. The discount is automatically applied when you check out. As a PGA Teaching Professional I am happy to recommend them as they have been selling to golf instructors and schools for more than 30 years and really know their products.

    You may also call them weekdays from 9am-5PM at: 800-FOR-GARY.  If you call, use code: 232698 to receive your discount.

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We teach golf to transform lives.  At Texas Team we get to inspire golfers to do the things that inspire them. We are passionate about golf and the valuable lessons golf provides. Golf teaches patience, discipline, and encourages the development of good character.  We are grateful for the opportunity to inspire new golfers.   Texas Team offers golf lessons to juniors and adults no matter what level or experience. We have taught hundreds of beginners and many national tournament winners.  Let's get something started today.

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